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  • STK Gangway Tower STK Gangway Tower file

    ▣ General Specifications Gangway tower is a passageway through which to entre or leave such as one between ship and the pier. The Gangway are designed and built to meet each customer's unique requirements. It will be able to compensate for the relative movements of ship & tide condition. ▣ Characteristics Once Gangway is set on deck, it is operated automatically accordingly to varying deck levels. Always maintain comfortable angles of inclination automatically for passenger at varying deck le...

  • Buitendijk Gangway Tower Buitendijk Gangway file

    ※ STK Engineering Pte Ltd is Buitendijk Gangway local agent. Effect from 1st July 2012.Access Gangway SystemsWe design, produce and deliver sophisticated Gangway Systems, which are easy to change according to customer demands. These systems are used to give personal and crew access to ship and shore. The access gangway can be fully automatic in standard execution or tailor-made to meet your requirements. We are able to integrate and deliver: Access Towers Telescopic gangways with self-levelli...

  • General Ship Crane General Ship Crane file

    Product Name: Hose Crane Product Name: Hose Handling Crane Product Name: Foldable Boom Crane Product Name: Hose Crane Hose Crane The standard crane takes simple structure and operation as design standard, adopts cylinder amplitude variation, planetary reducer lift winch, and rotation driving mechanism, and has light weight, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, and other characteristics. The crane can be used for ship lift sundries, food, spare parts and other articles, and the specific spe...

  • Marine Crane Fuel Hose Handling Da...

    Fuel Hose Handling Davit at PSA West Coast Bay Fuel Hose Handling Davit at PSA Brani Terminal

  • Marine Crane Marine Deck Cranes ...

    Marine Deck Cranes at Jack-Up Rig Marine Deck Cranes at Jack-Up Rig